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      Our Mission at Wise Techs is to provide excellent tech support to the elderly population in our community. A large number of senior citizens we serve lack family support. Technology advancements are evolving at a very fast pace changing and shaping the way we live. Unfortunately, the community members who are most affected by this are the elderly. They tend to lack the knowledge and experience with our advanced technology world. With my experience as a Cable Tech, I had the pleasure of meeting and servicing countless elderly customers from various counties including Charlotte, Sarasota, and Manatee. My elderly customers would always ask for my personal number so they would have someone that is tech savvy to help them when needed.

      This is when I realized something had to be done to help our vulnerable community members. As I gave out my number I started to get multiple phone calls almost daily requesting tech support and assistance. Wise Techs was created for this purpose. It’s a company designed to help not only the elderly but all those in need of technical assistance. I expanded my vision with Wise Techs by providing customers with education about their technology so they understand how things work. We have the patience and the skills to teach our customers about the technology they are using. -Founder Of WISE TECHS

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